Everything to Know About Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf

Even though you might be associated with a celebrity, it’s not guaranteed that information about you may be quickly available on the internet. For some like Jennifer Sue, despite being the mother of a celebrity, minimal information is available about her. Fans want to gather more details about her but the internet has scarce details. We will share what we know about her while focusing more on her celebrity daughter and family.

Who is Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf?

Jennifer Sue is a popular name thanks to her daughter. Many people only knew her after her daughter came into the limelight. She is the mother of Cindy Crawford, an American model, actress, and TV personality. Her daughter blew the mainstream during the 80s and 90s when she was rated among the most popular supermodels and would often appear on magazine covers and fashion campaigns.

Jennifer Sue has not shared details about her childhood or early life. We don’t know when she was born or where she grew up. We also don’t know her parents and siblings. Jennifer Sue was married to John Crawford and they mainly lived in Illinois. The family followed the Christian doctrine and lived a humble life.

Jennifer is also the mother of Jeffrey Crawford, Danielle, and Chris Crawford. Among her children, Cindy is the one who took a celebrity path and worked hard to create a successful career and fame on her name. Cindy has shared pictures of her mother celebrating International Women’s Day and her captions tell more about the relationship she had with her mother and how much she values the efforts she put in raising her.

Meet Jennifer Sue’s Celebrity Daughter

Although Jennifer has four children, Cindy Crawford is the celebrity daughter. She was born on February 20, 1966 in DeKalb, Illinois. Cindy is a widely decorated and respected American model, actress, and TV personality.

Cindy has three siblings but his brother, Jeffrey Crawford, died aged 3 years due to childhood leukemia. According to her posts, her family has lived in the United States for generations and her ancestry combines French, German, and English.

Cindy has brown eyes and hair, and she is a Christian.

Cindy Crawford’s Education and Career

Cindy Crawford started her modeling career while in high school. She attended DeKalb High School where she graduated in 1984. As a high school student, she was involved in working in a fashion shoot and different local publications involved her in being a fashion model for their magazines.

After high school, she joined Northwestern University to study chemical engineering. However, she dropped out after the first semester to pursue her passion for modeling as a full-time career. Cindy then moved to New York City in 1986 and worked under the Elite New York modeling agency.

In 1987, that’s when she appeared in the limelight as an actor in The Secret of My Success. The film quickly spread her fame. Over the years, she has managed to create a successful career and has a net worth of over $100 million.



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