Dana Lavette Cody

Personal Life of Dana Lavette Cody

We are all aware of the original housewife of The Real Housewives of New York City TV show, Aviva Drescher. The beautiful blonde 51 years old is a famous TV personality, businesswoman, philanthropist, and successful author. Dana Lavette Cody is the stepmother of The Real Housewives of New York City star and the current wife of George Teichner, who is a retired celebrity accountant and businessman.

Read on to know more about the fascinating personal life of Dana Cody and her early life and net worth.

Early Life and Marriage

The reality TV star, Dana Cody was born on 21st June 1988 and is currently 34 years old. She was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States and gained fame after her marriage to George Teichner in 2014. Dana Codi had a mother, named Angela Page who passed away due to leukemia. She and her mother worked on launching a nail salon named TippyToes Beauty Lounge, in Miami, when Dana was 18 years old. There is no information on Dana Cody’s father or siblings revealed to the public.

In 2014, Dana Lavette Cody married the celebrity accountant and businessman, George Teichner, who is the father of Aviva Drescher. They married in Malibu, California, United States. The couple has 51 years gap between them due to which their marriage became viral on social media.

After marrying George Teichner, Dana is now a 34 years old stepmother of 52 years old Aviva Drescher. The age difference between the mother-daughter duo got the social media limelight, after Dana’s marriage.

Even though it was revealed that Aviva was quite happy about her father’s marriage, she and her family did not attend the Malibu wedding and it was a short and sweet ceremony.

Though their married life is kept private from the public, we can assume that they are happily married as it has been 8 years since their marriage. It was revealed a few years ago that Dana Cody and George Teichner first met as possible business partners as George helped Dana with her nail salon TippyToes Beauty Lounge.

Professional Life

Dana Cody is a celebrity reality star who gained fame after marrying George Teichner in 2014. But did you know that this young woman was already successful before her marriage? She is the star of the reality TV series Boss Nails and the proprietor of Tippytoes Beauty Lounge. She even appeared in The Real Housewives of New York City.

She was only 18 years old when she launched TippyToes Beauty Lounge, in Miami, with her mother which is now a successful nail salon. Dana Cody has been ranked one of the successful reality stars and is currently one of the richest reality TV celebrities.

Net Worth

Looking at the achievements of the famous Dana Cody, we can assume that her lifestyle is quite lavish. Dana was 25 years old when she married George Treicher, whose net worth is currently $50 million. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and many other resources, Dana’s net worth is currently $25 million or even more!

Having a successful professional life and an even successful married life, Dana Lavette Cody is certainly living a rich lifestyle. Though her personal life is kept private from the public, her net worth and lavish life says it all!


To conclude the article, it is safe to say that Dana Lavette Cody is living a dream life with her successful and rich husband, George. The independent and hard-working Dana is currently 34 years old and has already achieved a lot! There is not much information about her early life and family. She’s the founder of a successful nail salon business in Miami and is a TV personality.

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