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All About Vanessa Arico

Vanessa Arico is the ex-wife of the late American actor and businessman Paul Sorvino. Her ex-husband was known for his appearance on several shows, taking on several roles. She met Paul Sorvino in 1990, and they started dating; a year later, the couple married. They were together for five years before ending their marriage. Over the five years of marriage, Vanessa Arico never became pregnant; therefore, they did not have any children together.


Vanessa Arico is a real estate agent who has worked in the real estate industry for a long time. It is unclear where she is based and if she is still active in the real estate business. But given that she has worked in the industry for some time, she must have made a good fortune to support herself and her family.

Personal Life

While still married to Paul Sorvino, Vanessa Arico had a great relationship with his three children. However, it is unclear if she maintained that relationship with the children after divorcing Paul Sorvino.

Life After Divorce

Vanessa Arico divorced Paul Sorvino in 1996, after which she kept a low profile. It is unclear if she met another guy and remarried; she went off the public spotlight. Besides, it is unclear if she continued with her career in the real estate business. On the other hand, Paul Sorvino remarried; he met Dee Dee Benkie, and they dated for a while before marrying in 2014. Paul remained married to Dee Dee until he died in 2022.

Her Ex-Husband

Vanessa’s ex-husband started his career in the entertainment industry in the mid-1950s. He worked as a copywriter for some time before moving to the film industry.    In his early acting career, he appeared in supporting roles before landing leading roles later. In most shows, Vanessa’s ex-husband appeared; he portrayed authority figures such as a police officer. Paul Sorvino was still active in the acting industry until he died in 2022.

In 2007, Paul Sorvino attracted media attention after it was revealed that he pointed a gun at his daughter’s ex-boyfriend. The case was taken to court, and the ex-boyfriend was charged with misconduct; on the other hand, Vanessa’s ex-husband did not face any legal implications, given that he had a gun license.

The Death of Her Ex-Husband

Paul Sorvino was in good health up to his death. He died of old age in July 2022 at Mayo Clinic Florida. His close family members attended his memorial service, including his daughter, sons, and then-wife Dee Benkie. Paul’s body was buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Social Media

Vanessa Arico has avoided the media, and it is hard to tell what is happening in her life. She is not active on social media platforms, and it is difficult to tell if she is spending time with her family or is still active in the real estate business. Besides, none of her family members are known to whom she can be related on the social media platforms such as Instagram.

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