Barry Bialik: A celebrity father who is no more today

Some people remain a known personality even after their death because of some reasons and Barry Bialik is one such person. He was not a prominent figure as such but is today known after his death because of his actress and author daughter Mayim Bialik. You must already know a lot about Mayim Bialik, so today let’s discuss the life details of Barry Bialik.

Here, we will tell you everything about Barry Bialik starting from his early life to his death.

Personal life

Barry Bialik was born on 5th December 1942 in the USA to Michael Bialik and Jennie Dorothy Bialik.  Barry Bialik was a Jewish immigrant in the US and was a citizen of America. This is all the information you can get about the early life of Barry Bialik.

If we talk about his personal life, he was a married man and the name of his wife was Beverly Bialik. Apart from the name of his spouse, nothing is available about his married life either. After living a long life of around 72 years, Barry Bialik died in April 2015.

Parents and siblings

Other than the names, nothing is available about the personal lives of his parents, Michael Bialik and Jennie Dorothy Bialik. How many kids they had is not confirmed but there is a mention of one brother of Barry Bialik and his name was Loren J. Bialik.

As for the profession of his parents, the father of Barry Bialik was said to be an accountant and his mother was a housewife.


Here again, the exact numbers of the kids of Barry Bialik are unknown. There is information available only one child of Barry Bialik and she is no other than Mayim Bialik, an American actress and author.

Education and profession

Let us be honest and tell you that no information has been disclosed about the educational background of Barry Bialik. However, we expect that he was an educated man because he was a professional accountant.

Reason for the popularity of Barry Bialik

No doubt Barry Bialik was a professionally successful person but grabbed public attention and became a known personality only when his daughter, Mayim Bialik, became an actress and author. His daughter was deeply saddened by the death of her father and has talked about it publicly many times. In fact, she mourned his death for almost 1 year.

Net worth of Barry Bialik

With the fact that Barry Bialik was not a celebrity as such, his net worth and earning details never came out in public. Considering the fact that he was an accountant by profession, it can be assumed that he must not have been able to amass a giant amount of net worth in millions. As for the net worth of his actress daughter, Mayim Bialik, she is expected to have around $20 million right now.


Barry Bialik shared a very close bond with his daughter, Mayim Bialik, and this was the reason she was shattered after his death. Seeing the professional success of his daughter, Barry Bialik always felt proud.




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