Sherre Gilbert Tragic Life Events, Life Updates, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Sherre Gilbert Tragic Life Events, Life Updates, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Sherre Gilbert is the sister of Shannan Gilbert. Read further to know more about the life events and family of Sherre Gilbert and discover why she’s famous.

Personal Life

Sherre Gilbert was born in 1987 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America. She was the second among three sisters. Her mother was Mari Gilbert.

Tragic Life Events

Sherre’s life was filled with tragic and painful events all throughout. Her father was schizophrenic and was addicted to heroin. Growing up, she had to face poverty as she was brought up by a single mother and was molested multiple times by her mother’s boyfriends.  Another tragic event followed when her older sister Shannan Maria Gilbert disappeared and was murdered under mysterious circumstances. Then again, in 2016, Sherre had to face the painful event of her mother being murdered by her young sister Sarra.

Shannan Gilbert’s Disappearance and Death

Shannan Gilbert was born on 24th October 1986 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America. She worked as an escort advertising on Craigslist. On May 1st 2010, Shanna Gilbert disappeared under unexplainable circumstances after meeting her client,  Joseph Brewer. She then walked into Oak Beach Community and knocked on several doors before disappearing. During this time, she had also made calls to 911.

While looking for her, shocking discoveries were made by the police. In December 2010, When the cops went to Gilgo Beach looking for Shannan, they found the remains of four other women wrapped in burlap sacks.

A year later, while the search went on for Shannan, her remains and belongings were found in a marsh eight miles away from Gilgo Beach. After forensic investigation, it was revealed that Shannan could’ve died of hypothermia or drowning. It was only after Shannan’s mother Mari Gilbert pressed for further investigation, that it was revealed that Shannan’s death was due to homicidal strangulation. Shanna Gilbert had then become a victim of the Long Island Serial Killer case.

Mari Gilbert’s Death

Mari Gilbert was murdered on July 23, 2016. She was stabbed 227 times with a fifteen-inch knife and further killed by a fire extinguisher by her youngest daughter, Sarra. The cause for her daughter to do so was that she was schizophrenic and had voices in her head telling her to do so. She had invited her mother to come over as she was hearing voices, it was when Mari went out of concern to check up on her she passed away. Mari’s death was discovered by the police only because of Sherre’s phone call made to them, to check up on her mother’s welfare.

Lesser Know Facts about Sherre’s Sisters

  • Sherre’s nephew, Hayden, through Sarra, was granted custody of his paternal relatives while she was in prison.
  • Initially, her sister Shannan was not considered a victim of the Long Island Serial Killer case; it was only after a homicidal angle was found, that she was considered to be a victim of that case.


Sherre Gilbert is a loving and compassionate sibling who has fought for justice for her sister, Shannan Gilbert, day in and out. After her sister’s murderer was arrested, Sherre expressed gratitude and said that it was finally time for her to move on and make peace with her sister’s death.

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