Phoebe Lithgow Personal Life, Profession, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Phoebe Lithgow is the famous American celebrity kid of American actor John Lithgow and his wife, UCLA history professor Mary Yeager. This article will talk about Phoebe Lightgow and her life.

Mini Bio

American author, poet and actor John Lithgow and UCLA professor Mary Yeager gave birth to Phoebe Lithgow in 1982, in the United States. Her exact date of birth is uncertain. Phoebe has one brother named Nathan Lithgow and one half-brother Ian Lithgow. She grew up with her family in the United states. Phoebe Lithgow is the grand-daughter of a theoretical producer and director Arthur Washington Lithgow III.  He ran a McCarter Theater in Princeton, New Jersey. While Phoebe’s grandmother is a retired actress. Phoebe shares a good bond with her family and is close with them.


Phoebe completed her high school graduation from a local high school before joining Hunter College of The City University in New York. She graduated with a medical degree in the Nursing field. She practiced her pre-nursing course at the same university. Later she achieved Bachelor’s and also a Master’s degree in nursing from the University of Pennsylvania.


Phoebe completed her education in the nursing field by achieving both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. She later worked in the Patient Care And Health Literacy Volunteer and Nurse Home Visitor where she worked to help patients and other nurses.  She also practiced making tips for reading medication and nutritious labels in the waiting room.

Why is she famous?

Phoebe Lithgow is famous due to the fame of her actor father John Lithgow.

Famous father

Is an American actor who gained recognition for his versatile screen presence. He became popular for being part of numerous critically acclaimed films. Before pursuing acting, he studied at Harvard university and the London academy of music and dramatic art. He received  numerous awards for his on screen presence, including six Emmy Awards, two Golden awards, two Academy awards, a BAFTA awards, four grammy awards.  He also gained the Holly Walk of Fame in 2001 before receiving American Theater Hall of Fame in 2005.

Net worth

There is not much information about Phoebe Lithgow’s net worth. However, her father, well endowed actor John Lithgow’s total net worth is $60 million. Which includes various sources of  income such as his successful acting, music, theater careers and also land assets.

Personal life

Phoebe always maintained a life outside of her father’s fame. She continued to live privately and she stayed out of the media dimension. Thus, there is not much information about her private life.

Lesser known facts

  • Phoebe Lithgow’s father is one of the most popular and respected American actors.
  • Phoebe’s grandfather was a theater owner and director.
  • Her grandmother was a successful actress in her time.
  • Phoebe maintains a low profile life away from her family’s lime light.


Phoebe Lithgow is the famous celebrity kid of actor John Lithgow. Instead of maintaining an acting career, she chose to pursue a career as a nurse. Her mother is a history professor.

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