Maryann Hannigan Love Life, Low Profile, Bio, & More

MaryAnn Hannigan was a popular model during the 70s. She is also the second wife of legendary singer Frankie Valli. This article will discuss Mayrann and her love life surrounding Frankie.

Mini Bio

There is not much information about Maryann’s birth, family members and educational background. However she  was born in the United States and spent most of her life in the country. Hannigan was popular for her beauty and appearing in fashion events as a model.

Net Worth

There is not much information about Maryaan’s net worth. However, her former husband Frank’s net worth was around $80 million. Which includes his total income streams and every land asset.

Why Is She Famous?

Maryann is famous for her modeling career and marrying the legendary rock star and pop sensation, Frankie Valli. Their love story and marriage was the talk of the country during the period of the 70s. Soon enough she transitioned into a celebrity wife and a household name for rock and pop fans.

Media Appearances

During Maryann’s dating with Frankie Valli, they were always appearing on media pictures, TV coverages and so on. Their story spreaded around the country, making Maryann’s modeling popular among the teens and adults.  Aside from this, Maryann appeared in numerous fashion shows and events, catching limelight’s attention every time.

Love Life

Maryann Hannigan and Frankie Valli came to know each other in 1970 during a fashion event. Soon after that interaction they began dating and spending time together. Gradually after dating each other for four years, they decided to get married to each other. During this time they were always appearing together in media outlets. However, Maryann avoided the limelight and public. After marrying each other, Maryann became a step-mother to two of Frankie’s children, a girl named Antonia and a boy named Emilio Valli. However soon the couple separated, shocking the industry and their fans.

Low Profile

Even while receiving recognition as a model and a celebrity wife, Maryann maintained a low profile. She refrained from revealing details about her family, private life and whereabouts.


After nearly eight years of marriage, Maryann and Frankie separated from each other. This high profile divorce sent a shockwave in the industry because the couple always appeared happy together. However, in 1982 they parted ways because Frankie considered his music career the top most priority of his life. After the divorce, Frankie continued his life and career. Marryaan completely stopped appearing in the media, and disappeared from the public eye.

Famous Ex- Suppose

Frankie Valli is a popular American rock star, who was a member of the band Four Seasons. He received recognition for his unique singing style and affairs with various women. Frankie recorded over 40 hits for the band. He is still active in the music industry.


Maryann Hannigan was a popular model and a celebrity wife of her former husband, Frankie Valli. Their love story lasted for eight years but they did not have children together. The couple separated in 1982.

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