Peyton Nicole Edmonds: A teenage celebrity daughter enjoying the stardom of her father

Peyton Nicole Edmonds is a young teenage celebrity daughter from America who gets the attention of the media and the public from time to time because of her father, Kenneth Brian Edmonds, better known by his stage name ‘Babyface’, who is a famous American singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Today, we are here to tell you all the life details of Peyton Nicole Edmonds.

Personal life 

Born in 2008 in the USA to her celebrity parents ‘Babyface’ and Nicole “Nikki” Pantenburg, Peyton Nicole Edmonds is a 16-year-old American celebrity teenager. Similar to her parents, she is an American by nationality while her religious beliefs never come out in public.

Speaking of the love life of Peyton Nicole Edmonds, it is also a secret. Since the girl is at the age when people are too much inclined towards love affairs, we expect that Peyton Nicole Edmonds must be dating someone. However, this has not been confirmed by either Peyton Nicole Edmonds or her parents.

Parents and siblings 

Peyton Nicole Edmonds is the only child of her parents ‘Babyface’ and Nicole “Nikki” Pantenburg, who got married in 2014 after dating for many years but the marriage could not last long and they ended it in 2021 after having marital bliss for 7 years. As for the professions, you already know that the father of Peyton Nicole Edmonds is an American musician and record producer while her mother worked as a backup dancer.

Being the only child of her parents, Peyton Nicole Edmonds does not have any siblings. However, she has two step-brothers from her father and their names are Brandon and Dylan.


Peyton Nicole Edmonds is only 16 years old right now and you obviously can’t expect such a young girl to have kids.

Education and profession 

The parents of Peyton Nicole Edmonds have preferred to keep mum when it comes to the personal life details of Peyton Nicole Edmonds. This is the reason, it is not easy to find out the educational details of Peyton Nicole Edmonds. As for her profession, we don’t think Peyton Nicole Edmonds would have started her professional journey yet, as she would be focusing on her studies right now.

Reason for the popularity of Peyton Nicole Edmonds 

It is pretty obvious that the only reason for the popularity of Peyton Nicole Edmonds is her father, ‘Babyface’, a sensational American musician, who is not just a successful personality but also a social media freak. You can find his active presence on popular social media platforms like Instagram.

Net worth of Peyton Nicole Edmonds 

Well, Peyton Nicole Edmonds does not have any net worth right now because she is not earning any money. At the moment, she is only enjoying the money of her father, ‘Babyface’, who is estimated to have a whooping net worth of around $200 million.


Peyton Nicole Edmonds is the daughter of such a successful personality and this will definitely motivate her to do something big in her career and make her own name in the world.

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