Nova Whitfield: A young celebrity daughter with active presence on Instagram

Nova Whitfield is a little celebrity daughter and Instagrammer from America who got to taste popularity since her childhood because of her father, D.C. Young Fly, who is a famous youtuber, actor, and writer. Nova Whitfield herself has a great fan following on Instagram.

Here, let us unfold all the life details of Nova Whitfield.

Personal life 

Nova Whitfield was born on 30 October 2016 to her American celebrity parents, DcYoungFly and Ms Jacky Oh. Although Nova Whitfield is a celebrity child, her childhood has not been very pleasant because she recently lost her mother in 2023.

As for the love life of Nova Whitfield, Right now, she is just 7 years old. Given the fact, she has nothing to do with love and romantic affairs.

Parents and siblings 

Nova Whitfield is one of three children of her parents, DcYoungFly and Ms Jacky Oh, who could never get married. They were in a relationship for the last 8-9 years but, recently in 2023, the mother of Nova Whitfield passed away. If you talk about their professions, the father of Nova Whitfield is an actor, writer, and Youtuber. On the other hand, her mother was an actress and model.

Coming to the siblings of Nova Whitfield, she has one brother and one sister and their names are  Prince’ Nehemiah and Nala Whitefield.


Nova Whitfield herself is a little child of only 8 years old. Given the fact, Nova Whitfield obviously does not have any kids right now.

Education and profession

Although the father of Nova Whitfield is a social media personality and talks about his personal life details openly, he has never shared anything about the educational background of Nova Whitfield. Considering the age of Nova Whitfield, if you expect she does not have any profession right now, let us tell you you have got the wrong idea because the little girl is a social media influencer and has a huge fan following of around 191k on Instagram.

Reason for the popularity of Nova Whitfield

Being the daughter of two famous personalities, DcYoungFly and Ms Jacky Oh, is a big reason in itself to get the attention of the public. In addition to that, Nova Whitfield herself is also an active Instagrammer and has garnered a huge fan base, which further makes her popular.

Net worth of Nova Whitfield

Considering the fact that Nova Whitfield is a social media personality, it won’t be wrong to assume that she must be earning money at the moment regardless of her age. However, the exact net worth of Nova Whitfield is not known to the public because her father,D.C. Young Fly, who has an estimated net worth of around $2 million,  doesn’t prefer to talk about these details.


Life has been really tough and hard for Nova Whitfield lately because she lost her mother. The father of Nova Whitfield is trying to provide all the love to his kids but nothing can obviously take the place of mother.


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