Nicholas Coleman Biden

Nicholas Coleman Biden, All Things About Nicholas

Nicholas Coleman Biden is a popular name on the internet since he is a member of the family of the President of the United States, Joe Biden. He is the nephew of the U.S. President, born to Brian Biden and Sara Jones. His father, James Biden, is known in the family as the one who is always ready to help. Nicholas is a well-established businessman. He co-founded Grove and Vine, a full-service olive oil procurement center.

So what is there to learn about the nephew of the U.S. President, Joe Biden? Nicholas is active on social media, holding a Twitter and Instagram account with a huge fan base. Keep reading to discover more information.

Nicholas Coleman Biden Early Life

Nicholas is the son of James Brian Biden and Sarah Jones Biden. His date of birth and details of where he was raised or went to school is not available on the web. His father has a long history of business dealings that have led to recriminations and lawsuits. His mother is a lawyer specializing in Litigation, Health, and Family Law.

Nicholas Coleman Biden Siblings

Nicholas has two siblings. James Brian Biden, Jr. was born on 11 February 1982, and Caroline Nicole Biden was born on 29 May 1989. Caroline is an art dealer and famous entrepreneur. The siblings have an aunt named Valerie Biden, and Joe Biden, the President of the United States, is their uncle.

Nicholas Biden Career

Since early 2010, Nicholas Biden has been a Chief Oleologist at Eataly. He established four stores during that period and trained thousands of employees. Nicholas trained at the National Organization of Olive Oil. He later taught oil courses at the International Culinary Center, Bon Appetit, the Institute of Culinary Education, Zagat’s Master Class, Cornell, Columbia, and Yale universities. Nicholas is currently a professor at the olive oil sensory certification in the International Culinary Center. He is an honorary member of the International Order of Disciples of Escoffier.

Nicholas Biden’s Personal Life

For a person from a famous family lineage, Nicholas Biden does a great job keeping all his personal life information private. There is no known information about his dating history. Coleman has a huge social media presence, owning a Twitter and Instagram account. The two platforms have a massive number of fans.

Nicholas Biden’s Father’s Lawsuits and Controversies

The latest scandal on Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, has linked him to a Chinese payment scandal. It was revealed that more than 150 transactions made by James and his first son Hunter were flagged as concerning by U.S. banks. James and Hunter received monthly retainers from the consulting firm. James received a $65k per month retainer. This case has raised eyebrows and has kept the Biden family under media scrutiny.

James Brian Biden and his siblings, Joe Biden and Francis W. Biden, were raised in a catholic family. Their family is prominent in law, politics, education, and activism.

Wrapping Up

The Bidens family may be a prominent political and law name, but the children seem to be falling far from the tree. The likes of Nicholas Coleman seem to have chosen a different path and created a name and career for themselves.

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