Alberto Carrillo Fuentes Low Profile Life, Wiki, Bio, Facts, & More

Alberto Carrillo Fuentes is no one other than the brother of Mexican drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes. Let’s read further about Alberto, his life, facts, his brother Amado, his life, drug cartel, death, and much more.

Short Bio

Alberto was born in Mexico but there is no information on where and when he was born. He is the son of Aurora Fuentes and Vicente Carrillo. His nickname was Ugly Betty. He was the leader of the drug cartel Juarez in Mexico. He has a total of 2 siblings named Vicento and Amado. Alberto’s uncle Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo was also a Mexican drug lord. As he lived a life in the underworld not much is known about him in the public.

Alberto’s Arrest

Alberto was arrested by the Mexican police in 2013. He was arrested in the western state of Nayarit, Mexico. He was arrested on the charges of drug trafficking, murder, and organized crime. He was hiding in the hotel in Nayarit. He was tracked by the Mexican Army by tapping his phone and location.

Why Is He So Famous?

Alberto is famous among the netizens as well as the public. He is famous because he was the leader of the drug cartel in Mexico. Moreover, he is famous because he is the brother of Mexican drug lord Amado and nephew of another Mexican drug lord Ernesto. He and his relatives lived in the media for the terror they made in Mexico by drug trafficking, murders, and organized crimes. So these are a few reasons why he is so famous among the netizens as well as the public.

Alberto’s Uncle: Ernesto

Alberto’s uncle Ernesto was born on August 1, 1930 (age 93) in Santiago de los Caballeros, Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico. He was the former leader of the Guadalajara Cartel.

He has been charged with drug trafficking, money laundering, and murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena. Ernesto surrendered on 7 April 1985 in Puerto Vallarta in front of the Mexican Army. He was sentenced to 40 years in jail. In 2016 was transferred from the prison to house arrest due to his deteriorating health. His role was portrayed in the crime series Narcos: Mexico.

Alberto’s Brother: Amado

Alberto’s brother Amado was born on 17 December 1956 in Navolato, Mexico. He took control of the Juárez Cartel after assassinating their leader and his boss Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. He is also called “El Señor de Los Cielos because of the large fleet of jets he used to transport drugs. He used to do money laundering, drug trafficking, drug-related violence, and murders. He built an empire of multi-billion in the drug market. He earned more than $25 Billion in drug trafficking.

He died in July 1997 while undergoing plastic surgery to give him a new look. He was given a grand funeral ceremony by his cartel. He was buried in Guamuchilito, Sinaloa.

He married Sonia Barragan Perez and has a total of 5 children with her in the marriage.


Alberto was a drug lord and a leader of the drug cartel. He was arrested on very serious criminal charges and he is the nephew and brother of the famous drug lords.

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