Josie Stephens Crowned Miss Nevada USA 2023: Embarking on a Dream Come True


In a dazzling spectacle at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Josie Stephens, Miss Sun Valley, achieved her lifelong dream by being crowned Miss Nevada USA 2023 on Sunday, June 25. As a 27-year-old offshore chemical engineer and a proud graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Josie outshone 16 other contestants to claim the coveted state title. Now, she sets her sights on representing Nevada at the prestigious Miss USA 2023 pageant. Let’s delve into the journey of this remarkable beauty queen and discover the runners-up who graced the stage alongside her.

The Rising Star: Josie Stephens

Josie Stephens, a shining star in the world of pageantry, has a rich history of participating in beauty pageants, particularly in Miss Louisiana USA. Despite coming close to the title (first runner-up) in three consecutive editions, her unwavering determination and talent finally led her to the crowning glory in Miss Nevada USA 2023. With her expertise as an offshore chemical engineer for Baker Hughes, Josie exemplifies intelligence, grace, and beauty—a true embodiment of the modern woman.

The Triumph of Talent and Tenacity

Facing stiff competition from a pool of talented contestants, Josie demonstrated exceptional poise and charm throughout the pageant. Her stellar performance and undeniable charisma captured the hearts of the judges and audience alike, securing her the title of Miss Nevada USA 2023. Now, she prepares to take on an even greater challenge as she represents her beloved state on the national stage at Miss USA 2023.

The First Runner-Up: Arianna Siefert

While Josie Stephens claimed the top spot, Arianna Siefert of Valley of Fire emerged as the first runner-up, showcasing her own array of talents and beauty. Arianna’s grace and elegance were evident throughout the competition, making her a formidable contender for the crown. Although the title narrowly eluded her, her performance undoubtedly left a lasting impression.

Celebrating Excellence: The Other Runners-Up

Among the contestants who competed for the crown, three other exceptional ladies stood out as second, third, and fourth runners-up. Alexis Smith of Summerlin, Emily Delgado of Henderson, and Tylar Bester of Battleborn displayed their unique qualities, leaving an indelible mark on the pageant’s legacy.

Introducing Miss Nevada Teen USA 2023: Emily Cox

In addition to the Miss Nevada USA winner, the pageant also crowned Miss Nevada Teen USA 2023. Emily Cox of Silver State emerged victorious and will soon be gracing the stage at the Miss Teen USA 2023 pageant, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to represent her state on a national platform.

The Journey Continues: Embarking on Miss USA 2023

With the crown on her head and dreams in her heart, Josie Stephens embarks on the next chapter of her journey as Miss Nevada USA 2023. She carries with her the hopes and aspirations of her state, ready to showcase her brilliance and grace at the upcoming Miss USA 2023 pageant. The road ahead may be challenging, but with her determination and passion, Josie stands poised to make Nevada proud.


Josie Stephens’ coronation as Miss Nevada USA 2023 marks a milestone in her pageant career and a testament to her unwavering dedication. With her charm, intelligence, and grace, Josie exemplifies the essence of a true beauty queen. As she embarks on her journey to Miss USA 2023, she carries the dreams of an entire state on her shoulders, ready to shine on the national stage. We eagerly await her triumph and wish her the very best in the adventure that lies ahead. Congratulations, Josie Stephens!

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