Melinda Fator Profession, Career, Notable Works, Net Worth, & More

Melinda Fator is an American producer and celebrity ex-wife of stand-up comedian Terry Wayne Fator. Read this article further to learn everything about Melinda Fator and her life.

Mini Bio

Melida Fator is a film and TV series producer who lives in New York. She was born and raised in American Family. Her ethnicity is white. She married Terry Fator in  1991.


Melinda attended a private high school in the United States. Later, she joined a local university to finish her undergraduate degree.


Melinda pursued a career as a film and series producer. She produced various American shows and films. After her divorce, she disappeared from the public eye and stopped producing more projects.

Net Worth

According to media sources, Melinda’s an estimated net worth of $1 million, which includes her income sources, inheritance, and land assets.

Her former partner, Terry Fator, has a net worth of $160 million, which includes, his income as a ventriloquist, impressionist, stand-up comedian, and singer.

Notable Works

In Melinda Fator’s brief career, there are only two notable works.

  1. Dumbstruck in 2010. It was a humorous story that featured various ventriloquists across the United States, including her ex-husband Terry Fator.
  2. Stories from the Anglo-Files in 2013, was a reality TV show that was telecasted on Anglophile Channel.

Popular Ex-Husband

Melinda’s former husband, Terry Fator, started his career as a singer for the musical band “Freedom Jam” in 1987–88. He showcased his singing abilities in numerous shows by performing in over 200 middle and high schools across Canada and the United States.

However, his big breakthrough came when he auditioned for America’s Got Talent and won the show in 2007. Terry was featured in the Late Show with David Letterman. He led a successful 5-years multi-million dollar contract with headline shows in Las Vegas.

Media Presence

Melinda Fator appeared in various media outlets, news channels, shows, red carpet, and paparazzi pictures, alongside her ex-husband Terry Fator. Melinda always appeared to support her former partner whenever he was nominated or performed as a stand-up comedian or ventriloquist.

Social Media Presence

Melinda prefers living a private life and she has no social media accounts. Melinda’s ex-husband has an account on Instagram, with over 193K followers.

Private Lifestyle

Despite the fame of her former partner, Melinda tried to make a name for herself by producing shows and films. However, except for two of her works, others went unnoticed.  Later, she shifted to a more private lifestyle, staying away from media attention.

Marriage and Divorce

The couple, Melinda and Terry, began dating in 1990 before marrying in 1991. They were together for 19 years and had a good lifestyle.

However, Malina developed a rocky relationship with her former husband and divorced in 2010. Terry met his stage partner Taylor Makakoa in the same year before marrying her in 2010 before divorcing her in 2015.


Melinda Fator is the former celebrity wife of the American ventriloquist, impressionist, stand-up comedian, and singer, Terry Wayne Fator. She produced various films and shows. Her most notable works are Dumbstruck and Stories from the Anglo-Files.

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