Maria Fernanda Ampudia

Maria Fernanda Ampudia: Celebrity Parent Biography

Maria Fernanda Ampudia is the mother of Andrea Garcia, a famous Mexican actress, model, and host. Like many parents who get in the spotlight due to their children’s rise to fame, Maria is a celebrity mom. Maria Fernanda married Andres Garcia, Andrea’s father, in 1974 and was blessed with their beautiful daughter the following year. Andrea has forged a career in the world of television, just like her father. Today, Maria’s daughter enjoys great popularity on Instagram, where she has an account with over 179K followers.

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Maria Fernanda Ampudia Bio

Maria Fernanda is famous because of her role as Andrea Garcia’s mother. There isn’t any information about Maria’s life before and after marrying Andres Garcia, with whom they have one daughter. According to Andres, Fernanda has a poor relationship with her daughter, who he says has distanced herself from her family for years.

Maria Fernanda Ampudia’s Daughter

Andrea Garcia is the daughter of Maria Fernanda and actor Andres Garcia. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on 8 December 1975. The 46-year-old model is of Mexican Nationality. Andrea has two siblings, Leonardo Garcia and Andres Garcia Jr. She attended Televisa’s Center for Arts Education.

Andrea Garcia Career

Andrea is a model and an actress. She has worked in the movies and television industry. Her roles in television shows include Ofelia in Triumph of Love (2015-1017), Ivonne in In The Name of Love (2008-2009), and Zulema in To Hell With the Handsome (2007), and Ivette Fernandez de Alba in Postal Code (2006-2007).

Andrea has also played Alicia in Wooden Woman, Andrea in Deceived Women, Lucrecia in Gypsy Love, and Celia Alonzo in The Usurper. Her earlier roles were Paula in the 1997 Emerald and Lucrecia (Young) in 1996 You and I.

In 2015, Andrea joined the third season of the reality show Rica, Famosa, Latina (Rich, Famous, Latin). The show is based on the American franchise The Real Housewives and is broadcast in the United States by the Estrella TV television network.

Andrea has modeled for magazines H for Men and Maxim, and in 2011, she was featured full nude for the magazine H Extremo. In 2014, Andrea posed for Playboy magazine.

Andrea also hosted the Night TV show from 2011.

Andrea Garcia Family Life

Andrea’s father, Andres Garcia, made a few disturbing confessions in an interview for TVyNovela regarding her. He shared that he contemplated suicide after his health deteriorated due to the cirrhosis detected in him. He said his health did not give him hope to continue living.

In addition, he confessed that he had been long estranged from his daughter Andrea Garcia. According to Andres, his famous daughter invented that she used to be a victim of abuse by him. He now denies being her father. According to him, Andrea does not exist as her child. In 2021, Andres made his will public, and it astonished many fans to find out he had left his daughter out of the will.

Andrea has maintained an active Instagram even though she has been away from television for a long. She describes herself as an actress, presenter, and proud mother and has over 179K followers.

Wrapping Up

Family drama is a thing when it comes to most famous people. Andrea’s frail relationship with her parents seems to shine more spotlight on her than she would like, and she hasn’t posted anything on her Instagram since last year August.

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