Maeve Frances O'Donnell

Maeve Frances O’Donnell – Bio, Family, Net Worth

Maeve Frances O’Donnell is the daughter of American actor Chris O’Donnell and Caroline Fentress. She was born on December 10, 2007, in Los Angeles. She is the lastborn in her family and has four siblings: Lily Anne O’Donnell, Finley O’Donnell, Charles McHugh O’Donnell, and Christopher O’Donnell Jr.

Maeve Frances’ other relatives are her uncles, John O’Donnell and Andrew Fentress, and her aunt Sally O’Donnell. Her grandparents are William Charles O’Donnell, Julie Ann Rohs Von Brecht, Diane Fentress, and Lee Fentress.

Maeve Frances O’Donnell’s Father

Maeve Frances’ father, Chris O’Donnell, is an American actor. He has appeared in several shows: Scent of a Woman, School Ties, Circle of Friends, Batman Forever, and many others. He was also featured in the television series NCIS: Los Angeles.

In his education, Maeve Frances’ father attended Loyola Academy in Wilmette. Then he proceeded to college, joining Boston College, and later graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing in 1992.

Careerwise, Maeve Frances O’Donnell’s father started modeling aged thirteen and used to appear in several commercials. At 16, he took an early television series role when he appeared in Jack and Mike. From there, Maeve’s father appeared in many more shows.

Given the many shows Maeve’s father has appeared in, he must be insanely rich. His net worth is estimated to be 25 million dollars.

Maeve Frances O’Donnell’s father is active on social media platforms. For instance, he is on Instagram at chrisodonnell, has over 290k followers, follows 860, and has posted 396 times. On Twitter, you can find him at Chris O’Donnell; he has 233k followers.

Maeve Frances O’Donnell’s Mother

Maeve Frances O’Donnell’s mother, Caroline Fentress, was born on January 3, 1973. She is a family woman who likes spending time with her five kids. In her education, she is a graduate of Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.

She is an elementary school teacher, and she has been working as such for many years. She has though got into acting and taken other roles in the entertainment industry, and she even appeared in the movie Sunday in 2002.

Maeve Frances O’Donnell’s mother is not active on any social media platforms, and she likely prefers to keep her life private.

How Maeve’s parents met

Maeve’s father met his wife Caroline Fentress through her brother. He used to live in the same building with her brother, Caroline visited him, and at that point, Chris felt that there was something special about her. They had never seen each other for three years, so he decided to call her through her brother. They started talking, dated for three years, and went on to get married in 1996.


Not much is known to the public about Maeve’s current education level, but she is believed to be at a good school.

Net worth

Given her father’s current net worth and the three hundred and fifty thousand dollars he earns per episode in NCIS: Los Angeles, Maeve must be enjoying her life.

Social Media

Maeve is not so active on social media, probably focusing on her school work, but she has an Instagram account;@maeveodonell3, has 1177 followers, follows  618, and has posted only thrice.

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