Lori Lee Lewis Life Insights, Bio, Profession, & More

Lori Lee Lewis is the daughter of the famous pianist and songwriter Jerry Lee Lewis. Read further to know a little more about the life and career of this star kid and discover the reason behind her fame.

Personal Life

Lori Lee Lewis was born in 1972 to Jerry Lee Lewis and Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate. She has five half-siblings through her father. Her mother, Jaren was her father’s fourth wife.

Her Father Lori Lee Lewis

Lori Lee Lewis’ father Jerry Lee Lewis is a famous singer-songwriter and pianist in the United States of America. He was born on 29th September 1935 in Ferriday, Louisiana, United States of America to Elmo Kidd Lewis Sr. and Mary Mamie Herron Lewis.

He began playing piano at an early age, since he was from a poor family, his parents had to mortgage their farm to buy Jerry a piano. He studied at Southwest Bible Institute where engaged often in practising evangelical songs.

Jerry’s Career

Jerry’s career began with J&M in 1952. After which he signed with Sun Records in 1956. From then on he went on to become a pioneer in the rock n roll industry. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On was the song that made him famous, his other songs such as Great Balls of Fire, Breathless and High School Confidential made him an internationally recognised artist. Jerry holds several accolades to his name, such as a Grammy Award, a boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Hall of Fame’s American Music Masters Award. He is a member of the Grammy Hall of Fame, and Country Music Hall of Fame.

His career however took a massive dip after he had announced his marriage to his once-removed first cousin Myra Gale Brown.

Lori Lee Lewis and Her Family

Lori Lee Lewis has 5 step-siblings through her father Jerry and his marriages. Jerry was married 7 times throughout his life and had a bigamous marriage.  His first marriage was at the age of 16 with Dorothy Barton, the marriage was short-lived and lasted for 20 months. He then married Sally Jame Mitchum and had two sons with her.

Post which, he married Myra Gale Brown his first cousin She was 13 at the age of marriage, this sprung a lot of trouble for the duo. The couple had two sons together, she was just 14 when she gave birth to the first son. The couple divorced due to adultery and abuse committed by Jerry.

His fourth marriage was with Lori’s mother, Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate. Her mother drowned and died in a swimming pool weeks before her divorce from Jerry was finalized. Jerry had rejected the claim that Lori was his child.

His fifth marriage was to Mary Kathy KK which drastically ended with her death by lethal overdose, many had suspected this to be a murder. After which he married Kerrie McCaver, this was his longest marriage as it lasted for 21 years. Lastly, he married Judith Lewis who was the former wife of Jerry’s third wife’s (Myra Gale Brwon) brother.


Very little is known about the life of Lori Lee Lewis as she has kept her life away from the spotlight. From what is known, Lori has made a life of her own and lives happily.

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