Julie Rose Clapton Low Profile Life, Parents, & More

Julie Rose Clapton is a famous star kid of the well renowned English rock star and guitarist, Eric Clapton and his second wife, Mella McEnry.

Mini Bio

The famous rock star, Eric Clapton and his wife, Mella McEnry gave birth to Julie Rose Clapton on 13th June, 2001 in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

Her Zodiac sign is Gemini and due to her birth in America, her nationality is American. Additionally, she practices christianity alongside her mother and father.

Julie Rose has two sisters and one step-sister named Ella May, Sophie Belle, and Ruth Clapton. She owns a pet can whom she named, Ms Mazzy.

Famous Father

Julie Rose’s father, Eric Clapton is a well renowned English rock star and blue guitarist. He is also a songwriter and singer in the rock scene.

He became active in rock music 1965, working in numerous local bands before joining Yardbirds, beginning a new phase of his life. Ever since then he has been pursuing a successful career in the rock industry.

He was in the list of 100 Greatest Guitarists Of all time. He delivered a record breaking number of solo singles and albums.

Net Worth

Julie Rose Clapton’s total estimated net worth is unknown. However, her father, Eric Clapton’s net worth is approximately $450 million. Which includes his income streams through his released albums and stage performances. Alongside that it includes all of his land assets, such as cars, properties, etc.

Social Media Appearances

Julie Rose maintains a private life, however, she owns an active account on the social media platform, Instagram. She has over 3K followers, where she appears to interact with them. She occasionally posts her daily life pictures, such as traveling, her pet cat’s updates and more.

Low Profile Life

Although she owns an Instagram account, she never speaks or posts too many details of her personal life. She only appears in paparazzi when she meets her father. Julie keeps away from the fame of her rock star father, Eric Clapton. However,  media houses never fail to catch the father-child bond.


Julie Rose’s father, the famous English rock star, involved himself in numerous scandals. Clapton appeared to be using racial slurs and people believed he was racist after his outburst leaked. Where he was ranting about the 2020 lockdown. He also created a song, opposing the lockdown in the United Kingdom after the COVID-19 broke out.

He received backlash for supporting the slogan “Keep Britain White” and also opposing the fox hunting ban.

Prior to these, the rock star admitted he was abusing his first wife Pattie Boyd during the time the couple were together. He also appeared to be unfaithful to her by having affairs with other individuals.


Julie Rose Claption is an American star kid of the famous yet controversial English rock star Eric Clapton. Juilie’s mother Melia McEnry is Eric Clapton’s second wife and they are still together. Julie’s father appeared in numerous controversies while his daughter, Julie maintains a private life and keeps a low profile.

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