Jack Adam Dykstra

Jack Adam Dykstra: How Old Is Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Son?

Jack Adam is the son of the multi-talented Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Cutter Dykstra. Jamie-Lynn came into the limelight when she played Meadow Soprano in the HBO series The Sopranos. She is into acting, writing, singing, podcast hosting, and modeling. She co-wrote her biography titled Wise Girl: What I’ve Learned About Life, Love, and Loss. Having been active in the media scene since 1997, Jamie-Lynn has earned several accolades.

How old is Jack Adam Dykstra? Does he have siblings? Keep reading to find out more about the celebrity family of Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Jack Adam Dykstra Age

Jack is the second son of Jamie-Lynn and Cutter Dykstra. He was born in January 2018, making him four years old. Jack has an older brother from her mother’s first marriage named Beau Kyle Dykstra. There isn’t much information about Jack or his brother since their parents keep the boys’ lives out of the limelight.

Jack Adam Dykstra Parents 

Cutter Dykstra: About

Jack’s father is a baseball player born in 1989. The 33-year-old married Jamie-Lynn Sigler in 2016. They have two sons, one from Jamie-Lynn’s previous marriage.


Jamie-Lynn Sigler is the star of her family, being an actress and singer. She was born on 15 May 1981 in Jericho, New York, U.S. Sigler’s mother, Connie, converted to Judaism from Catholic after marrying Steve Sigler. Her father was the founder of the Men’s Senior Baseball League. Sigler has two brothers, Adam and Brian.

Sigler started acting at the tender age of 7. She graduated from Jericho High School and studied at the Cultural Arts Playhouse in New York. She briefly attended New York University but left after one semester.

She began her professional acting career in 1997 when she was cast as Meadow Soprano on the HBO series The Sopranos. She played the role of Tony Soprano’s daughter throughout the series until its finale in 2007.

In 2001, Sigler played the title role in Cinderella on tour and at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden. In October 2002, she went to spend five months on Broadway playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Over the years, Sigler has been active in the film industry, playing different roles in films like Death of a Dynasty, Love Wrecked, Dark Ride, Beneath the Dark, Divorce Invitation, and Mob Town.

On television series, she has played lead and minor characters in shows like Will & Grace, Higglytown Heroes, Entourage, Guys with Kids, Baby Daddy, and Elena of Avalor.

Sigler has also featured in music videos like Through the Rain by Mariah Carey as Kirsten, Sunrise by Simple Red as the girl, and Jizz in My Pants by The Lonely Island as the check-out girl.

As for her music career, Sigler released a pop album, Here to Heaven, in 2001. The album was a commercial failure, and in 2007 she said she regretted releasing it. She collaborated with Romeo Santos on the single You.

Her other ventures include writing, having co-authored her autobiography Wise Girl: What I’ve Learned About Life, Love, and Loss. She appeared as a model in FHM, and it featured her in The Girls of FHM in 2004. She began hosting a podcast called Pajama Pants in September 2019.

Final Thoughts

Jack Adam’s mother has shone the spotlight on her family as the family star and a jack of all trades. You can occasionally catch a glimpse of Jack and his brother’s photo on the web.

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