Herbert Arthur Disney

What You May Not Know About Herbert Arthur Disney

Herbert Arthur Disney was born in December 1888 to Elias Charles Disney and Flora Call in Acron Lake, Florida, United States. When Herbert Arthur Disney was born, his father was twenty-nine years, and his mother was twenty years old.

Herbert Arthur Disney is a member of the Disney Family. The Disney Family came into the limelight, gaining prominence when Walt and Roy brothers began creating films through the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.

Today, the studio is called mass media and entertainment conglomerate The Walt Disney Company.

Herbert Arthur Disney’s Early Life

Herbert Arthur Disney’s family consisted of five children, and Herbert Arthur was the oldest in the family. His siblings included Raymond Arnold Disney, Roy Oliver Disney, Walt Disney and Ruth Flora Disney.

Herbert and his brother Raymond lived in Marceline, Missouri, in the early years. Being tired of the farm life, they both moved to Chicago, where the family lived before they relocated to Marceline.

The brother moved to Kansas City during those years, and their brother Walt started the Laugh-O-gram studio. At that time, Raymond and Ray were tellers at the first Nationational Bank in Kansas City.

While in Kansas City, Herbert Arthur met Louise R R Rast while in Kansas City and married her. As his brothers Walt and Roy were relocating to California, Herbert, Louise, and their daughter Dorothy moved to Oregon. Finally, Herbert Arthur Disney’s parents moved to California, where Walt and Roy had bought them a house close to the Disney Brother studio. Herbert and his family also moved to California and lived close as a family.

Herbert Arthur Disney’s Wife

Herbert Arthur Disney’s wife was called Lousie Rose Rast Disney. Louise was born in September 1891 in Missouri, the USA, to her parents, William Rast and Julia Arle Rhedanz Rast. Herbert Arthur Disney’s wife had two siblings, Leonard Micthell Rast and Marion Rast Wansing. Herbert Arthur’s wife died in April 1953 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Herbert Arthur Disney’s Career

Herbert Arthur Disney served in the US Army during WWI. Also, he was in the US postal service for many years in Los Angeles, California.

Herbert Disney’s Daughter

During the marriage of Lousie Rast and Herbert Arthur Disney, they were blessed with one child, a daughter named Dorothy Louise Disney Puder. Herbert’s daughter was born in July 1915 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA and she was married to her husband, Glenn Darrel Puder.

Herbert Disney’s daughter was blessed with two children, Jerry Charles Puder and Paul Richard Pudder. Unfortunately, Herbert’s grandchildren passed away before their parents, and there is no information about their families or children. Herbert Arthur Disney’s daughter died in 2007, at the age of 92.

Herbert Arthur Disney’s Brothers Walt and Roy Disney

Walt and Roy Disney became famous for opening the film company. Roy married Edna Francis in 1925, and they were blessed with one son Roy Edward Disney who served as the last family member of the Disney family in the company’s top position.

Walt Disney, Herbert Arthur’s other brother, was also the Co-founder of the Disney company. He married Lilian Bounds in 1925and had two daughters.

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