Erick Kreutzberger

Discover Facts About Erick Kreutzberger, Don Francisco’s Father

Erick Kreutzberger is the father of the famous Don Francisco whose real name is Mario Kreutzberger. Erick Kreutzberger was born in April 1905 in Ellguth-Woischnik in Germany. Erick’ parents were Maz and Caroline Kreutzberger and he had a sister Frida Kreutzberger.

Erick Kreutzberger’s Family

Erick Kreutzberger married his wife Ann Blumenfeld Neufeld before the 1940s, and they were blessed with two children. Erick’s wife was born in October 1915 and died at 58 in August 1974.

Erick Kreutzberger’s son Don Francisco was born in December 1940, and he had another child whose name was not indicated to the public. Erick Kreutzberger’s family lived in Europe but fled after WWII. Erick Kreutzberger was a survivor of a holocaust.

Erick Kreutzberger’s Son Don Francisco (Mario Kreutzberger)

Don Franciso as he is commonly called is the son of Erick Kreutzberger. Don Francisco’s real name is Mario Kreutzberger, born in 1940. When Mario was in his 20s, he travelled to New York to be a tailor as his father, Erick Kreutzberger, wanted. Erick Kreutzberger owned men’s clothing in Santiago and wanted Mario to work there.

When Mario Kreutzberger arrived in New York, his interest shifted to American TV. The star spent two years watching and absorbing the American TV content, and when he returned to Santiago, he sold a game show idea to Chilean TV.

The show was called Sabados Gigantes, and it was launched on channel 13 of Chile TV in 1962. After twenty-four years, Univision brought the show to the US. Up to now, Erick Kreutzberger’s son cooperates with Chile, and he travels there monthly to continue with the telethon that he started more than three decades ago.

Through the years, Mario Kreutzberger’s Fundación Teleton Foundation has built 11 centres for hand-capped children through the funds he has collected through the years.

Erick Kreutzberger’s son is married to Teresa “Temmy” Kreutzberger, and they are blessed with three children and nine grandchildren. The couple has a home in Miami, where Temmy has built a room dedicated to her husband’s work.

Erick Kreutzberger’s Son’s Career

Mario Kreutzberger, Erick ‘s son has won many awards through the years. The awards are in a glass display in his museum, and he has tables carved with framed photos of the Chilean president and other artists.

Mario started a Sabado Museum and Mario Kreutzberger library that contains every news clip that has ever appeared about the show and other compiled books.

Erick Kreutzberger’s Son’s Net Worth

The famous actor and producer was once featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the longest-running show on TV since 1962. The star has a net worth of $100 million, which is contributed significantly by the professions he has served as a Journalist, TV producer, actor and talk show host.

Erick Kreutzberger’s Death

Erick Kreutzberger died in April 2000 at the age of ninety-five. Erick was buried in Conchali, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile, in the presence of his close family members.

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