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Meet Justine Bateman’s Daughter, Gianetta Fluent

Gianetta Fluent is a celebrity kid, the daughter of American actress, writer, director, and producer Justine Bateman. She was born in January 2004. Gianetta is not the only child to her parents, Justine and Mark Fluent; she has a brother named Duke Fluent. Gianetta is a beautiful young ready who is caring and loves her family members, given his close relationship with her family.

Education and Career

Gianetta Fluent and her parents have not revealed details of her educational background. However, given her age, Gianetta is done with high school and probably in college. Regarding her career, Gianetta is still studying and probably does not have a job there. Besides, she has not shown interest in pursuing something in the entertainment industry; maybe she will or not. Gianetta Fluent may tread a different path in his career choices.

Personal life

Gianetta Fluent is a beautiful woman, and it would be easy for her to land any guy of her liking. She has not revealed if she is dating anyone or has been seen in public with anyone. Besides, she is young, and she has all the time in the world to date whomever she may want to date. Gianetta has a good relationship with his parents, who sometimes spend time together.

Her Mother

Gianetta’s mother began her acting career in the early 1980s when she was still a student at Taft High School. She made her acting debut in the series Family Ties, where she portrayed Mallory Keaton, a role she played for over seven years. Gianetta’s mother also appeared in It’s Your Move, Tales from the Darkside, Family Ties Vacation, in The Eyes of a Stranger, among several others.

Besides her acting career, Gianetta’s mother is also a writer; she wrote her two films, Five Minutes and Violet. She co-wrote The Clique for Warner Bros. Internet services. Justine has also written books; she is the author of Fame: The Hijacking of Reality and Face: One Square Foot of Skin.

In the production sector, Gianetta’s mother co-produced the television show Wake Up and Get Real. Her other works as a producer include Easy to Assemble and Push. Justine also directed most of the films she produced. In the early 2000s, Gianetta’s mother started a clothing company, but unfortunately, it closed down after three years.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Gianetta Fluent has not started working as she is still a student; therefore, it will be hard to tell how much she is worth. However, her mother has done quite well for herself in the entertainment industry. Besides, she has been in the industry for several decades. Justine Bateman’s net worth is 6 million dollars.

Gianetta Fluent is young, and she is probably into social media platforms. She probably wants to interact with her peers and have some fun. However, it is unclear if she is active in any social media handles; one can get some of her pictures on her mother’s social media platforms.

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