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Creighton Waters Wife: Unraveling the Mystery of Tracey L Waters


In February 2023, the nation was captivated by the high-profile trial of Alex Murdaugh, a case now famously known as the “trial of the century.” As the proceedings unfolded, the spotlight not only fell on the accused but also on the people connected to the case. One individual who caught the public’s attention was prosecutor Creighton Waters, who played a crucial role in the trial, questioning Alex during the double murder proceedings. However, there was another figure that intrigued the curious minds – Tracey L Waters, Creighton Waters’ wife. In this article, we delve into the life of Tracey L Waters, exploring her background, profession, and her connection to the ongoing trial.

The Woman Behind the Name

Tracey L Waters, born as Tracey Leigh Dixon in 1964, became known by her married name after tying the knot with Creighton Waters. Little is publicly known about the details of their marriage or relationship. Together, they share a son named Cade, who was rarely seen in the online space. However, back in December 2008, the family was spotted together during a visit to the zoo. Since then, they seem to have kept a low profile and avoided public appearances.

Tracey L Waters’ Professional Journey

Tracey L Waters pursued a career as a social worker, dedicating her expertise to the welfare of children. For over 13 years, she worked at the Dickerson Center for Children, Inc. situated in West Columbia, South Carolina. Her commitment to her profession is evidenced by her attainment of a Master’s Degree in Licensed Social Work, enabling her to make a meaningful impact in her field.

On the other hand, Creighton Waters earned a reputation as a seasoned prosecutor with a distinguished career spanning more than two decades. His dedication to seeking justice and his impressive track record in bringing criminals to account gained him recognition as a tireless investigator and a legal wizard. Prior to his involvement in the Alex Murdaugh case, Creighton had already handled high-profile criminal investigations that involved prominent state legislators, corrupt officials, and individuals who embezzled public funds.

A High-Stakes Trial

The ongoing trial of Alex Murdaugh presents Creighton Waters with one of the most significant challenges of his career. Accused of a double murder and various white-collar crimes, Alex faces life imprisonment if convicted. As the lead prosecutor, Creighton’s skills and abilities are put to the test, as this particular case garners national attention and is the first Murdaugh trial to be heard by a jury. Only time will tell if justice will be served in this complex and emotional legal battle.

A Glimpse into Their Personal Lives

While much has been written about Creighton Waters’ professional life, little is known about his private life, and he has maintained a sense of privacy even on social media platforms. As of February 27, 2023, Tracey L Waters could not be found on Instagram, but she was reportedly active on Facebook under the name ‘DW Tracey.’ Both Creighton and Tracey have been protective of their personal affairs, and they prefer to keep a low profile amidst the media scrutiny surrounding the trial.

The Columbia Connection

Tracey L Waters hails from Columbia, South Carolina, where her husband also spent his formative years. Growing up in the Heathwood neighborhood, Creighton was raised by his father, Samuel Waters, a respected attorney. The strong moral compass exhibited by Creighton is attributed to the influence of his father’s close friends. He honed his legal acumen at the University of South Carolina Honors College and later graduated from the law school in 1996.

After graduation, while Alex Murdaugh joined his family’s prosperous law firm, Creighton embarked on a government career. He clerked for the late South Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Jasper Cureton before joining the South Carolina State Attorney’s Office.


As the “trial of the century” continues, Creighton Waters’ wife, Tracey L Waters, remains a private figure in the midst of intense public interest. Her dedication to social work and her supportive role in Creighton’s life add a layer of complexity to this unfolding legal drama. With so much at stake in the trial, the nation watches with bated breath to see justice prevail and the truth revealed.

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