Who is Cheyenne Overton? Meet Kathleen Bradley’s Daughter

Cheyenne Overton is a celebrity who enjoys the limelight due to her mother’s career as a model and actress. The celebrity daughter was born during her mother’s first marriage, although it did not last long.

Cheyenne Overton is not the only child in her family, as she has a younger brother, who was born when her mother was in her second marriage. Despite Cheyenne Overton enjoying the limelight while growing up, she has kept a low profile, making some of her details unavailable.

Cheyenne Overton’s Mother

Cheyenne Overton has grown in the limelight since childhood, thanks to her mother’s career. Her mother has spent many years on the screens as a model, singer, actress, and host memoirist, explaining Cheyenne’s fame.

Cheyenne’s mother came into the limelight as Barker’s Beauty on The Prince is Right, a role which she undertook for a decade. She made history in the daytime game show as the first permanent African American model on the show.

Kathleen Bradley was born in Girard, Ohio, to Albert and Winifred Bradley. Cheyenne’s mother was the only girl in a family of four children, and she grew up in the company of her siblings. Kathleen had an interest in modeling from a young age, which attracted her to modeling in 1971 in California, winning the title of Miss Black California.

Why Did Katleen Bradley Depart from The Prince is Right?

Cheyenne’s mother was a regular model in The Prince is Right for a decade before she was released from her duties in December 2000. Kathleen’s release from her duties was after she had testified in a lawsuit for slander and defamation of Bob Barker, filed against Holly Hallstrom.

While Kathleen said she was released from her duties due to her testimonials, the show’s executive producer, Bob Barker, revealed that the change resulted from a change in ownership. The actress was released from her duties alongside Janice Pennington, who had also testified against the producer.

Is Cheyenne Overton the Only Child?

Cheyenne Overton is not the only child in her family as she has step sisters and a step-brother from her maternal and paternal sides. Cheyenne was born the eldest in 1982, while her mother married actor Bill Overton.

Unfortunately, Cheyenne’s parents’ relationship lasted for a few years, after which they divorced and got into other marriages. While Cheyenne’s mother has been married to Terrence Redd since 1988, her father has married Jayne Kennedy, a famous actress, since 1985.

Cheyenne has three step sisters from her father’s second marriage to Jayne Kennedy. Cheyenne and her sister’s relationship is unknown, as they have never revealed if they interact closely. Additionally, Cheyenne has a brother from her mother’s side.

Cheyenne’s mother married a businessman in 1988, and they shared one son, Terrence Redd II. While Cheyenne’s sisters are known to venture into the entertainment industry, like their father, she has kept her career details out of the limelight.









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