Billy Belushi Secret Life Story, Profession, Family, & More

Billy Belushi Secret Life Story, Profession, Family, & More

Billy Belushi is the former actor and a celebrity brother of infamous American actors and comedian John Adam Belushi and  Jim Belushi, who appeared in numerous popular films.

Mini Bio

Due to Billy Belushi’s secretive life there is no information about his birth or close family members. However, he is the youngest between the Blelushi brothers. He was born into an albino family. His two brothers, named Jim Belushi and John Belushi. Billy’s father was also an actor, Robert Belushi.


Like his brothers, Billy Belushi also pursued an acting career with his small roles in, however later he disappeared from the scene. Maintaining a secret life without fame, unlike his brothers.

Net Worth

The net worth of Billy Belushi is approximately $1.6 million, which includes  his income streams and land assets. His brother Jim Belushi, has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Which includes his income from his acting projects, music, television appearances, social media and land assets.

Why is He Famous?

Billy Belushi is famous due to his family’s fame.


John Adam Belushi

John Adam Belushi came into the world on January 24th, 1949 and left the world on March 5th,1982. He was an actor and comedian who appeared in various movies and became critically acclaimed. Maintaining a huge fan following for his screen presence, he also received numerous honors and awards. However, throughout his life he suffered from heavy drug abuse which led to his death.

Jim Belushi

Jim Belushi the youngest brother in the Belushi household. He came into the world on June 15th, 1954. He received recognition for his roles in shows, such as, According to Jim, Saturday Night Live and Twin Peaks. However he gained popularity with his movie appearances in, Thief, Salvador, About Last Night, Red and many more.

Secretive Lifestyle

Billy Belushi maintains a secretive life, without any social media presence and giving interviews to the media houses. He barely appears in any award shows, staying away from the fame of his family.

His both actor brothers, Jim and John Belushi often appeared on media platforms, contrasting Billy Belushi’s personality.

Social Media Presence

Billy Belushi has no account on social media platforms. However, he always appears through his brother’s social media posts on Instagram.

Jim’s social media account on the platform named Instagram is quite popular with over 305K followers which keeps growing every day. On occasions, Jim  Belushi posts about his personal life and two brothers. Giving his social media page a nostalgic touch.

John Belushi owns an Instagram account as well. But it is managed by his team due the actor’s absence. John’s account consists of 73.7K followers, making the Belushi legacy prominent.


Billy Belushi is the brother of actors and comedian Jim Belushi and John Adam Belushi. Billy’s father was also an actor and comedian, who gained recognition with his commendable screen presence.

Jim and John followed their father’s legacy while Billy maintains a private life away from fame and limelight.

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