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Who was Arthur Gettleman?

Arthur Gettleman was the husband of Estelle Getty, an American actress and comedian. He was born on May 6, 1919 in Bronx, Bronx County, New York. Arthur’s wife appeared in several movies and television shows in her acting career.

Personal Life

Arthur Gettleman and Estelle met after being introduced by a friend. The two grew fond of each other, and in a short time, they were already in love. The two lovebirds got married nine months after their first meeting. Their family and friends graced their beautiful wedding ceremony. Arthur and his wife stayed married for over fifty years until he died in 2004.

After his marriage, Arthur Gettleman lived with his family in the Bronx before moving to Oakland, where he worked. In their marriage, Arthur and his wife Estelle were blessed with two sons, Barry Gettleman and Carl Gettleman. Arthur loved his family, and he kept them close. However, he lived apart from his wife in the 1980s and 1990s; his wife was active in the acting industry, and she had a desire to work in California, while Arthur did not intend to leave New York.


Arthur Gettleman was hardworking, and he did various jobs to be able to provide for his family. His work was also the reason why he separated from his wife; he was working in the glass industry with his father, and he did not intend to move to California with his wife. He worked in the glass business until old age, and he was never intimidated by his wife’s nature of work.

His Wife

Arthur’s wife showed an interest in acting when she was young; while in high school, she informed her parents that she intended to pursue acting as a career. Her parents were never convinced that she would be successful in the acting industry, but she followed her dream.

Estelle started her acting career in the 1940s, but she struggled to get acting roles. She occasionally got acting roles in theatres while also doing other jobs so as to support her family. Things started working for the better for Arthur’s wife in the acting industry in the 1980s when she landed the role of Mrs. Beckoff in Torch Song Trilogy, a Broadway production. Due to her performance in the production, Estelle gained recognition and even got a Drama Desk Award.

Estelle’s later performances came in shows like Empty Nest, Nurses, The Golden Palace, Mad About You, Touched by an Angel, and Blossom, among others. In her last days in the acting industry, Arthur’s wife had dementia, and this made her stop acting. Her health was deteriorating, and she could not keep up with the demands of the acting industry.

Estelle also had some other conditions, including osteoporosis. She died in July 2008, aged 85, due to Lewy body dementia. Her body was interred in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


Arthur Gettleman died of old age on September 24, 2004. He was 85 at the time of his death, and his sons and wife survived him. Arthur’s body was cremated.

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