Aissa Bertie

Everything About Aissa Bertie

Born in August 1999, Aissa Bertie is the daughter of Viviana Monge and Diego Bertie. Her father, Diego Bertie, was a famous Peruvian singer and actor. Her mother, Viviana Monge, is a psychologist.

Most of Aissa Bertie’s information remains unknown. However, the post will cover the information known about her so far.

Aissa Bertie’s Education

Most celebrity parents love keeping their children’s information away from the media. However, based on her family wealth, we can conclude that Aissa Bertie went to top schools. Diego Bertie’s only child is a Peruvian University of Applied Sciences student.

Aissa Bertie’s Father

Aissa Bertie’s father’s full name is Diego Felipe Bertie Brignardello. However, he is commonly known as Diego Bertie and was born on 2 November 1967. Sadly, he passed away on 5 August 2022.

Diego Bertie’s sun sign is Scorpio, while his hair and eye colors are brown.

In the mid-eighties, he was a Peruvian singer and actor and had a pop group, Imágenes. Aissa Bertie’s father went to Markham College situated in Lima, Peru.

Initially, Diego appeared in TV commercials before making a debut in acting. As an actor, Aissa Bertie’s father is famous for his role in the Los Andes no creen en Dio film acting as Adolfo. The film was later nominated for the “Best Film Award” at the “Cartagena Film Festival.”

Other notable films Diego Bertie appeared in are Without Compassion in 1994, Ultra Warrior in 1990, and Cosas del Amor in 1998.

Aissa Bertie Parent’s marriage

After building a name in the entertainment world, Aissa Bertie’s father, Diego Bertie, met his wife, Viviana Monge. Viviana was a fan of Diego and even went to see “Bodas de sangre,” a play in which the actor was participating.

The two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in 1997. However, their marriage was not meant to last. The marriage ended in 2004. However, the two maintained a close relationship before Diego’s death as they co-parented.

The separation greatly affected Aissa Bertie’s father, Diego Bertie. He even revealed that he could not remarry. However, he did not provide the exact details of the separation.

Aissa Bertie’s Aware of Her Father’s Sexuality

The actor revealed that his daughter, Aissa Bertie, knew about his sexuality since she was six. Diego revealed to her that he was gay. In an interview, the actor said he was always transparent with his orientation and never cared what people said.

Aissa Bertie Father’s Death

Aissa Bertie’s father, Diego Bertie, passed away on 5 August 2022 after falling from his building’s 14th floor in Miraflores.

Mario Casaretto, Fire Department general commander, revealed that Diego was found in his garage. He was rushed to “Jose Casimiro Ulloa Emergency Hospital.” Sadly, he was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

Mario Casaretto further revealed that the actor sustained head wounds and severe fractures due to the impact of falling.

Net Worth

Aissa Bertie comes from a well-off family, thanks to her parent’s successful careers. Her father was worth approximately $5 million at the time he died.

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