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Airplane Crashes in Nebraska: Tragic History and Recent Incidents

Nebraska, a state known for its vast prairies and peaceful landscapes, has experienced several tragic airplane crashes over the years. These incidents have left a lasting impact on the state and its residents. From historical crashes to recent accidents, the safety of aviation remains a critical concern. In this article, we will explore some of the most notable airplane crashes in Nebraska’s history, focusing on both past and recent incidents.

Braniff Airlines Flight 250: Nebraska’s Deadliest Air Crash

One of the most devastating airplane crashes in Nebraska’s history was the Braniff Airlines Flight 250 incident. On August 6, 1966, a BAC-1-11-203AE aircraft took off from Kansas City, en route to Omaha. Tragically, the flight encountered thunderstorms shortly after departure. Conflicting accounts from witnesses made it challenging to determine the exact cause initially. However, investigations later revealed that structural failure resulting from unnecessary evasive actions taken by the crew in response to the weather was the cause of the crash.

Regrettably, all 42 people onboard lost their lives, including 38 passengers and four crew members. This heartbreaking event remains etched in the memories of Nebraskans, and a memorial was erected at the crash site in 2006, on the 40th anniversary of the tragedy.

Other Notable Airplane Crashes in Nebraska

While the Braniff Airlines Flight 250 crash stands as the deadliest in Nebraska’s history, other notable accidents have also occurred in the state.

Recent Incidents

1. June 3, 2023: Vans RV-7 Crash near Kearney

On June 3, 2023, a single-engine Vans RV-7 plane crashed near Kearney in central Nebraska. The pilot, the sole person onboard, tragically lost their life. The wreckage was found approximately 12 miles east of Kearney, south of Interstate 80, in a field near the Bassway Strip State Wildlife Management Area. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the crash, with the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board leading the efforts.

2. June 2, 2023: Two Small Aircraft Crashes near Kearney

On the same day, June 2, 2023, Nebraska witnessed two more plane crashes near Kearney. The first incident involved a single-engine plane, resulting in the pilot’s fatality. In the second crash, another small aircraft went down, and unfortunately, there were no survivors. These back-to-back tragedies have raised concerns about aviation safety in the region.

3. May 17, 2023: Small Plane Crash in North Central Nebraska

On May 17, 2023, a pilot was killed in a small plane crash in north central Nebraska. The accident brought renewed attention to the safety protocols and measures for small aircraft in the state.

4. June 6, 2023: Pilot Identified in Buffalo County Crash

On June 6, 2023, authorities identified the pilot who died in a plane crash in Buffalo County as John G. Reading from Broomfield, Colorado. This incident added to the growing list of airplane crashes in Nebraska this year.

5. May 17, 2023: Abortion Opponent’s Tragic Demise in Holt County Crash

Another distressing event occurred on May 17, 2023, when a long-time Kansas abortion opponent lost their life in a plane crash in Holt County, Nebraska. This tragic incident highlighted the diverse backgrounds of those affected by airplane accidents.

Historical Incidents

Apart from recent crashes, Nebraska has faced other airplane accidents in the past. While not as well-known as Braniff Airlines Flight 250, these incidents have had a significant impact on the aviation safety discussions in the state.

Airplane Crashes Beyond Nebraska: A Global Concern

Airplane crashes remain a global concern, and aviation authorities worldwide continuously work to enhance safety measures and prevent future tragedies. While certain types of aircraft, such as Cessnas and Pipers, are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents, it is crucial to recognize that safety is a top priority for all airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

It is also worth noting that there are instances where airlines have maintained an exceptional safety record. For example, Qatar Airways is among the airlines that have never experienced a crash in its history. Such examples showcase the dedication and commitment of the aviation industry to ensure passenger safety.


Airplane crashes, whether historical or recent, evoke profound sadness and raise critical questions about aviation safety. Nebraska has witnessed its share of tragic incidents, including the devastating Braniff Airlines Flight 250 crash and the recent spate of accidents near Kearney. As authorities continue to investigate the causes of these crashes, it is essential to remember that safety remains a paramount concern for the aviation industry. By learning from the past and implementing stringent safety protocols, the hope is to prevent future tragedies and ensure safer skies for everyone.

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