The Toxic Relationship Between Empaths and Narcissists

The Toxic Relationship Between Empaths and Narcissists

Have you ever wondered why empaths and narcissists are frequently attracted to one another? While they are polar opposites, there is something about the empath’s emotional intelligence and vulnerability that draws them to the narcissist’s charm and charisma. This ultimately leads to a dysfunctional union that is vitally toxic.

The Empath Personality

For starters, an empath is someone who has the ability to tune in to other people’s emotions and is highly sensitive to their suffering or pain. In essence, they feel things much deeper than the average person. Empaths have an overwhelming sense of compassion for others, always putting their needs before their own. While this trait is admirable, it can also make them highly susceptible to manipulation, especially by a narcissist.

The Narcissistic Personality

Narcissists, on the other hand, are entirely self-centered and have a deep desire to feel superior. They often manipulate other people to maintain a sense of self-importance, with their inflated ego driving their every move. Narcissists seek out empaths to feed their ego, using their easy manipulation and emotional vulnerability to their advantage.

Additionally, narcissists lack the ability to express their feelings freely, which is why they tend to manipulate. An empath’s unconditional and selfless way of loving, lacking boundaries, makes it easy for narcissists to manipulate them.

The Dysfunctional Union

When empaths and narcissists enter into a relationship, it creates a highly toxic dynamic. The empath’s inability to set boundaries and put their needs first can lead to emotional exhaustion and suffocation. The narcissist’s selfish nature and lack of empathy add fuel to the fire, further inflaming the relationship’s dysfunction.

Frequently, empaths become drained from attempting to satisfy the narcissist’s never-ending demands, leaving them susceptible to emotional abuse and gaslighting. Narcissists, in turn, feel a rush of power and energy on manipulating someone who cares so deeply.


The connection between empath and narcissist is undoubtedly complex and challenging to sustain healthily. Despite their initial attraction, the relationship is often damaging to both parties. Empaths must learn to set boundaries and prioritize their mental health and well-being to avoid falling prey to narcissistic manipulation. Narcissists should get help for their self-centered personality before attempting to enter into a relationship, damaging other people’s emotional lives in the process.

The relationship between empath and narcissist is a reminder that sometimes, opposites attract for all the wrong reasons. If the union becomes highly toxic, it’s best to walk away and seek wiser choices. Breaking free from such a relationship takes time, personal strength, and often help from professionals, but it’s necessary for everyone’s emotional health and healing.