Te Ahi Ka Cormack Hema-Taylor

Star Kid Life Of Te Ahi Ka Cormack Hema-Taylor

Cormack, Te Ahi Hema-Taylor is the son of Danielle Cormack and Pana Hema-Taylor, two well-known figures in New Zealand’s entertainment sector. Pana Hema-Taylor, the father of Te Ahi Ka, is a well-known Maori TV actor who starred in shows like Mysteries, Spartacus, The Broken wood, and The Dead Lands. Danielle Cormack, Te Ahi Ka’s mother, is a well-known actress who has been in films like Warrior Princess and Xena.

Te Ahi Ka Cormack is a famous guy since his parents are famous people. Hema-Taylor receives media coverage as well. Many of Pana’s followers are curious to learn about his daily activities. So, in this post, we’re going to divulge some previously unknown information about Te Ahi Ka, Pana Hema-child Taylor’s with Danielle Cormack.


Pana Hema-Taylor and Danielle Cormack’s son Te Ahi Ka is their only child. However, he also has a half-brother named Ethan Anderson, who is fourteen years older than him, from a previous relationship of his mother. Ethan, Te Ahi Ka’s brother, is a child of Hayden Anderson’s first marriage to Danielle Cormack. In 1996, he gave birth to Danielle’s first child. Te Ahi Ka and his brother Ethan have a strong kinship even if their fathers are different. For his gorgeous little brother, Ethan is doing all a big brother should.

Additionally, it appears that Te Ahi Ka’s father, Pana, has a sister based on his Instagram. His father frequently posts a picture with a little girl. According to the comments made by his family members, the girl appears to be Pana Hema-child. Taylor’s She is Te Ahi Ka’s younger half-sister, most likely. It is still unknown, though, if Pana gave the kid up for adoption or whether she is his legitimate child from a connection with a woman other than Danielle.

Social Media

Pana Hema-son Taylor’s Te Ahi Ka is too young to have a social media account. Furthermore, despite the fact that kids these days have social media accounts starting in kindergarten, Te Ahi Ka doesn’t seem to be interested. But he routinely shows up on his brother’s and parents’ Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Pana and Danielle share photos of their son Te Ahi Ka having a great time with them on their own social media pages. In a same spirit, Te Ahi Ka’s elder brother, Ethan, is never shy about using Instagram to express concern for his sibling. Additionally, Te Ahi Ka frequently makes appearances at red carpet events alongside his well-known mother. His father Pana Hema, however, seems to favor him.

Meaning Of Name

Pana Hema-Taylor gave his son a name in the Mauri language because he is of Mauri ancestry. The fire is how the Maori word Te Ahi Ka is translated. As a result, Te Ahi Ka means “lighted fire” or “long burning fire.”


Hema Taylor, then age 20, first met Danielle Cormack, then age 38, while she worked as the set and costume designer of a play he was in. Te Ahi Ka, the couple’s son, was born on March 19, 2010. 2013 saw their divorce. In fact, Te Ahi Ka Cormack Hema-Taylor was born while his mother Danielle was over forty years old and his father was only twenty years old.

When Te Ahi Ka was expected, Danielle admitted in an interview with Woman’s Weekly that she felt nervous. She was worried that because Pana was too young to settle down and start a family, she might not have the freedom to live her life as she wanted after the birth of Ahi.

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