Shekinah Holiday

Shekinah Holiday, Wife of Justin Holiday

Shekinah Holiday is a celebrity spouse who is known in the world as the beloved wife of American basketball shooting guard, Justin Holiday. The couple is often spotted together and enjoys their life happily. However, today we are not here to talk about both of them but about the Shekinah Holiday only.

Read the article further and have information about her early life, family, siblings, education, parents, love life, children, age, work, earnings, and other such details.

Personal life

The exact birth date of Shekinah Holiday is not known to the public. According to some sources, Shekinah Holiday was born in 1989. However, these details are not confirmed by Shekinah Holiday. Other than that, the names of her parents are also not known to the public. The only control thing about her early life is her birthplace which is  Ruston, Louisiana, United States.

Coming to the love life of Shekinah Holiday, she got married to the love of her life in 2013 and his name is Justin Holiday, who is a professional American basketball player. Recently, the couple has celebrated 10 years of their togetherness.

Parents and siblings

As told you already, the family background of Shekinah Holiday is not known to the public. This is the reason that there is hardly any information available on her parents as well as siblings.


Shekinah Holiday is happily married today and is a proud mom of a 6-year-old little girl whom she welcomed in 2017 with her husband. Her name is Selah and she looks cute. Shekinah Holiday is sometimes spotted with her daughter.

Education and profession

Like many other details, the educational background of Shekinah Holiday is also an unknown topic to the public. Not just that but she has also not revealed any information about her profession. However, considering the fact that she is the wife of such a great celebrity, we assume that she must have something extraordinary in her personality.

Reason for the popularity of Shekinah Holiday

The only reason for the popularity of Shekinah Holiday is her husband, Justin Holiday, who is a professional American basketball player and has achieved great success in his career. In addition to that, he is also quite famous outside the gaming arena which helps Shekinah Holiday too to become more popular.

Net worth of Shekinah Holiday

Let us tell you directly that no information is available about the net worth of Shekinah Holiday because she has never revealed even a single thing about her profession. However, regardless of this fact, we are pretty sure that Shekinah Holiday is enjoying a queen-like life because she is the wife of Justin Holiday, who has earned huge money in her life so far. As of 2023, her husband, Justin Holiday, is expected to have an outstanding net worth of around 3 million.


Shekinah Holiday is a celebrity wife and gets the media as well as people’s attention regularly. The interesting thing is that she seems to enjoy this because she always greets the media amicably.

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