Peter Gotti Jr

Peter Gotti Jr, Brother Of John A. Gotti

Peter Gotti Jr is best known for being a member of the notorious American mobster family, Gotti. Today, he is best recognized for being the brother of former mobster and actor John A. Gotti. Today, we are here to discuss all the life details of Peter Gotti Jr.

Here, we will tell you about his early life, family, siblings, education, net worth, love life, and other such details about Peter Gotti Jr.

Personal life

With the fact that Peter Gotti Jr himself is not a celebrity, his birth details are not known to the public. The only available information about her early life is the name of his parents that are John Gotti and Victoria DiGiorgio. However, considering the age of his brother, we assume that Peter Gotti Jr might be more than 40 years old today.

If you talk about the love life of Peter Gotti Jr, no information is available about this either. He might have already got married but has kept the details related to his marriage to himself only.

Parents and siblings

Peter Gotti Jr is one of five children of John Gotti and Victoria DiGiorgio, who had a successful married life from 1962 to 2002 till the death of John Gotti. The mother of Peter Gotti Jr is still alive and living a wonderful life. As for their professions, the father of Peter Gotti Jr was a notorious American gangster. On the other hand, no details are available about the profession of his mother.

If we talk about the siblings of Peter Gotti Jr, he has four siblings and their names are Frank Gotti, Angel Gotti, Victoria Gotti, and John A. Gotti.


Whether or not Peter Gotti Jr has any kids is not confirmed because he himself has kept the details related to himself only.

Education and profession

You are unlikely to find any details in almost any life aspect of Peter Gotti Jr because he maintains a private life. This is the reason that there is no information available about the education and profession of Peter Gotti Jr.

Reason for the popularity of Peter Gotti Jr

Being a member of such a notorious family is a big reason in itself for the popularity of Peter Gotti Jr. Other than that, the publicity of his father and brother is also a major reason for the popularity of Peter Gotti Jr.

Net worth of Peter Gotti Jr

The exact figures of the net worth of Peter Gotti Jr would have been known to the public only if he had revealed the information about his profession. Unfortunately, Peter Gotti Jr has kept all the details under wraps. Given this fact, his exact net worth is not known to the public. If we talk about the net worth of his father, John Gotti, who is one of the most popular criminals in the world, he was said to have around 30 million in 2002.


Peter Gotti Jr got publicity and public attention because of his family members but he himself is not interested in all this because he lives a low profile.

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