Miles Davis iv

Miles Davis IV Biography

Muhammad Abdullah, born Miles Davis IV, was the son of music icon and legend Miles Davis and Irene Cawthon Davis-Oliver. His family and close friends affectionately referred to him as Squeaky.

Miles Davis IV Personal Life

Miles Davis IV was born in 1950 and served in the United States Navy in his youth. He sadly died on 20 October 2015 at the age of 65. Miles Davis IV died after complications resulting from a heart attack.

Miles Davis IV was laid in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery while adhering to his Islamic faith.

Miles Davis IV Father

Miles Dewey Davis III, Miles Davis IV’s father, was an American composer, Jazz musician, bandleader, and trumpeter. Miles Davis remains an influential figure in Jazz. During his five-decade career, he took various musical directions, becoming essential in most of Jazz’s stylistic developments.

Miles Dewey Davis III, Miles Davis IV’s father, was born in Alton, Illinois, on 26 May 1926 to an African-American family. However, he was brought up in East St. Louis.

Miles Davis was focused on music from an early age. By 12, music was already his life’s most important thing.

Davis went to Juilliard in New York to study. He, however, dropped out of school and became Charlie Parker’s bebop quintet member from 1944 -1948. In his illustrious career, Miles David won a record eight Grammy awards. In addition, he had thirty-two award nominations.

Miles Davis IV Father’s Relationships

Miles Davis IV’s father, Miles David, started a relationship with dancer Frances Taylor in 1957. They later married in Toledo, Ohio, in 1959. However, the relationship had various domestic violence incidents against the wife, Taylor. 1966, Taylor filed for divorce, which was completed in February 1968.

Miles David married Betty Mabry, a model and songwriter, in September 1968. However, the marriage lasted for a year as Miles David filed for divorce in 1969. Miles accused Taylor of infidelity.

Miles David later got into a relationship with Marguerite Eskridge, welcoming their son, Erin, in 1970. David rekindled his relationship with Cicely Tyson, an actress who was vital in helping him overcome cocaine addiction. However, they divorced in 1988. He later got into a relationship with Jo Gelbard in 1984.

Miles Davis IVFather’s Death

Miles Davis went to St.John’s Hospital near his Santa Monica home for routine checks. Doctors suggested implanting a tracheal tube after repeatedly contracting bronchial pneumonia.

This resulted in an outburst from Davis, resulting in a comma. After spending a few days on a life support machine, he died on 28 September 1991 after his life support machine was turned off.

Net Worth

Miles Davis IV’s net worth is unavailable in the public domain. However, his father, Miles Davis, was a rich person. He amassed around $1 million at the time of his death. In his will, Miles Davis IV’s father shared 20% of his wealth to Cheryl Davis, his daughter.

He also shared 10% to Erin Davis, his son. 20% of the wealth went to Vincent Wilburn Jr., his nephew, while his brother Vernon Davis and Dorothy Wilburn, his sister, each received 15%.

However, he excluded his sons, Miles IV and Gregory, from the will.

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