Madilyn Grace Smith

Madilyn Grace Smith’s Star Kid Life

Madilyn Grace Smith is Ne-Yo’s first child, born in November 2010. She is the daughter of Ne-Yo and his former girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw.

This article is all about the star kid life of Madilyn and people that revolve around her life.

Special Treatment From the Parents

Being the first child, Madilyn’s birth was particularly special for Ne-Yo. At various times, he’s expressed his joy, love, and the transformative experience of becoming a father.

While Madilyn and her younger brother, Mason, did experience their parents’ separation, both Ne-Yo and Monyetta have emphasized the importance of co-parenting and ensuring their children receive love and stability from both parents.

Personal Life

Born to Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw, Madilyn Grace Smith entered the world in November 2010. As the first child of the famed singer, her birth marked a transformative chapter in his life. Though she’s experienced her parents’ separation, Madilyn has grown up witnessing their commitment to positive co-parenting.

From occasional glimpses shared on social media, she radiates warmth and joy, forging her unique path while enveloped in her family’s love. Her bond with her younger siblings, especially her brother Mason, reflects the tight-knit family connections she enjoys.

Her Siblings

Mason Evan Smith, born in October 2011, is Ne-Yo’s second child with Monyetta Shaw. Growing up just a year apart from his older sister, Madilyn, the two share a special bond evident in shared moments. Mason’s early years were nurtured with love from both his parents, emphasizing shared family values despite Ne-Yo and Monyetta’s separation. Like his siblings, Mason’s upbringing has balanced the glow of limelight with grounding familial moments, allowing him the space to develop his personality amidst the backdrop of fame.

The first child shared between Ne-Yo and his wife, Crystal Renay Williams, Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr. was born in March 2016. Named after his father, Shaffer Jr.’s birth was another significant milestone in Ne-Yo’s life. Photos and videos occasionally shared by his parents depict him as a spirited and joyful child, enjoying a blend of regular family moments and glimpses of the glamorous world his parents inhabit.

Born in June 2018, Roman Alexander-Raj Smith is Ne-Yo’s second son with wife Crystal Renay. Roman’s entrance into the world was celebrated by both parents, with Ne-Yo often expressing gratitude for his growing family. Despite being one of the younger members, Roman’s vibrant presence in the family is unmistakable. He enjoys close ties with his older siblings, especially Shaffer Jr., with whom he shares many milestones.

Isabella Rose, the youngest of Ne-Yo’s brood, was born in June 2021. As the latest addition, her arrival was a source of joy and celebration for the entire family. While her life journey is only just beginning, early images shared by Ne-Yo and Crystal hint at a child surrounded by affection, poised to grow up alongside loving siblings and doting parents.

Her Dad

Ne-Yo, born Shaffer Chimere Smith in 1982, is an acclaimed American R&B singer, songwriter, and actor. With hits like “So Sick” and “Miss Independent,” his musical prowess has earned him multiple awards and international recognition. Beyond music, Ne-Yo’s talents extend to acting and philanthropy, solidifying his multifaceted impact in entertainment.


Madilyn Grace Smith, born in November 2010, is the eldest child of R&B artist Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw. Growing up in the limelight, Madilyn has experienced her parents’ commitment to loving co-parenting. Through glimpses shared by her family, she embodies warmth and joy, fostering a close bond with her siblings.

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