Lily Aster Gottfried: Everything About the Late Gilbert Gottfried’s Daughter

Lily Aster Gottfried: Everything About the Late Gilbert Gottfried’s Daughter

Lily Aster Gottfried is a young girl who has captured public attention because of her parent’s careers. Aster’s mother is a radio podcaster and film producer, while her father was a stand-up comedian who entertained many people with his style of humor.

Unfortunately, Lily Aster lost her father in 2022 because of heart failure, and she has remained an image of her father. Lily Aster and her brother encouraged their father to join the Tournament of Laughs, and they taught him how to use TikTok.

If you are wondering what the young lady is up to and if she is following in her father’s footsteps, continue reading to discover more!

Who is Lily Aster Gottfried?

Lily Aster Gottfried is a child who came into the limelight because of her parents’ careers. Aster’s father was a stand-up comedian who made many laugh through his humor, and he made a name for himself, making him a hero who continues to remain in people’s hearts despite his departure.

Lily Aster was born in 2007, shortly after her parents had walked down the aisle. As of 2024, Aster is 16 years old and is enjoying her teenage years with her brother and mother. Aster was born in New York, United States and that makes her an American by nationality.

Lily is not the only child of her parents because she has a brother who was born on May 18, 2009. Lily’s brother is named after her maternal grandfather because he was born on the same date as her great-grandfather.

After Lily’s father died, she has been spending her time alongside her brother and mother. Although their mother has tried giving them a normal life away from the media, they have many followers on social media platforms.

Lily’s Parents

Lily’s parents had careers in the entertainment industry, making them and their family people of interest. Lily’s father was a famed stand-up comedian in the American industry, while her mother was a film producer and radio podcaster.

Lily’s father began his career in 1970,  at 15 years old, after he dropped out of school because of poor grades. Teachers were consistently complaining about his grades and lack of effort, but one teacher realized that he had an artistic ability.

After Gottfried dropped out of school, his sister encouraged him to be an artist. His first performance was at The Bitter End nightclub in Greenwich Village, New York, and since then, he never gave up on being a comedian.

By 1980, Lily’s father had joined the Saturday Night Live crew, and he stayed with the crew performing for a while. Since the SNL role, he got more opportunities and started acting in other films.

Lily’s mother is called Dara Kravitz, and she was born on February 24, 1970. Dara began her career in 1990 with New York Atco Record as an intern, and as she progressed, she began a radio podcast.

Lily’s mother has worked with major records, enabling her to attain the position of director for promotion. She has been part of producing various shows, including Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes, which won her an Emmy Award in the Best Podcast category in 2015.

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