Jonathan Christopher Roberts: A dead personality still famous because of his father

The privilege of being a celebrity child is that you remain popular even after your death. If you don’t believe us, look at Jonathan Christopher Roberts who left the world decades ago but is still a known personality because of his father. He is recognized for being the son of American actor and singer, Pernell Roberts.

Here, let us unfold all the life details of Jonathan Christopher Roberts that probably never got the attention of the public.

Personal life 

Jonathan Christopher Roberts was born on 19 October 1951 in Maryland USA, as the only son of his parents Pernell Roberts and Vera Lillian Mowry Roberts. Since he was born into a celebrity family, life was a little more blissful for him since his childhood. However, Jonathan Christopher Roberts could not enjoy his life to the fullest and left the world at the very young age of 37. He died in a motorcycle accident in 1989 in Arizona USA.

If we talk about the personal life of Jonathan Christopher Roberts, he was probably not married at the time of his death because there is nothing available about his partner or spouse. Not just marriage, but no information is available about the love affairs of Jonathan Christopher Roberts either.

Parents and siblings

Jonathan Christopher Roberts was the only child of his parents, Pernell Roberts and Vera Lillian Mowry Roberts, who were married for a brief period of time from 1951 to 1959. The marriage ended with a divorce and they both left the world in 2010.

If you talk about the professions of his parents, his father was known to be an American actor and singer while his mother was a highly educated professor.


With the fact that Jonathan Christopher Roberts was probably not married when he died in 1989, we believe that he did not have any kids.

Education and profession 

Like many other celebrity kids, the parents of Jonathan Christopher Roberts had never revealed any information about the educational background of Jonathan Christopher Roberts. The same goes for the profession of Jonathan Christopher Roberts as well. However, with the fact that he was a celebrity child and was 37 years old when he died, we expect that he was definitely professionally active.

Reason for the popularity of Jonathan Christopher Roberts 

The sole reason for the popularity of Jonathan Christopher Roberts is his father, Pernell Roberts, who was a self-made star and amassed huge success as an actor and singer.

Net worth of Jonathan Christopher Roberts

As we have already told you, nothing is available about the profession of Jonathan Christopher Roberts, we can’t exactly find out the net worth of Jonathan Christopher Roberts. However, Jonathan Christopher Roberts had a luxurious life and he got to enjoy all the comforts because of his father, Pernell Roberts, who had an estimated net worth of around $10 million when he died in 2010.


This was really unfortunate that Jonathan Christopher Roberts couldn’t live a long life and left the world at the young age of only 37. We hope that he would have been successful like his father if he was alive today.

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