Google Ads Blueprint for Small Businesses

Google Ads Blueprint for Small Businesses

For small businesses, Google AdWords, its search advertising network, offers an appropriate and timely advertising platform. We learn what AdWords is and how it operates in the first installment of this four-part series, Understanding Google Adwords. As marketing managers and owners of small businesses, we all understand it and are aware of its existence, but it’s a form of advertising that not many people are specifically utilizing. We believe there are some excellent local small business opportunities to leverage Google product ads for brand awareness and lead generation, as well as driving traffic to their website.

Features That Enable A Variety Of Targeting

Every company and prospect can find something on Google product ads at every point in the buyer’s journey. Placing a bid on general keyword search terms such as “accounting software” will display your advertisement to potential customers earlier in their product research journey and enable you to fill the top of your funnel using two extremely straightforward yet effective strategies:

With the help of your landing page, collect their contact information and begin providing them with authoritative, educational content. 

Use retargeting software to entice them back until they convert if they don’t already.

Bidding on long-tail keyword search terms such as “accounting software for freelance marketers” is another effective way to grow your clientele.

Intent to Harness

The primary distinction between the target audience you reach through Google product Ads and the audience you reach through other types of advertising is the audience’s intent.

For instance, people aren’t looking to conversion rate optimization marketing. They’re not searching for answers to the problems that impede their daily lives. They are searching for family updates, vacation photos, and baby pictures. Additionally, there’s a greater likelihood that you will be ignored when you advertise to someone who declines to receive advertisements.

However, you are not advertising to people who do not want to be advertised to on the search network.  

Always Keep Complete Control Over Your Campaigns

Before, in order to run advertising campaigns of Google product ads that reach as many people as possible, you had to overcome obstacles and cut through dense red tape. It would take time and resources that would be better spent elsewhere to start and finish those campaigns.

But even a single employee with the right training can easily purchase advertising space using software, a process known as “programmatic advertising.” They’ll be able to launch and halt campaigns, contact the appropriate individuals at the appropriate cost, and do it all instantly with a little education. In this manner, you can devote your time and resources to other urgent projects. 

Present Any Available Funds

Certain businesses may lose hundreds of dollars for every click. Within the legal sector, long-tail keywords can fetch up to $1,000 per click: However, most keywords are not very expensive. Even if they do, one benefit of using ads is that you can set limits on your daily budget, maximum bids, and other parameters. In this manner, you can be sure that you won’t ever spend more money than you want to, even if you’re not keeping a close eye on your account.

View Results Of Google Product Ads

If you’re not aware of your mistakes, you won’t know how to get better. Determining what that is can be nearly impossible with certain analytics dashboards. Fortunately, Google makes everything clear-cut in the race of conversion rate optimization marketing and simple to comprehend. Learn the fundamentals like clicks, impressions, budget for keywords, and so on, or go even deeper with a Google Analytics integration. It enables you to monitor every detail of your website visitors’ behavior, including what they clicked, where they went next, and how long they spent there. Campaign analysis is essential to Google Ads optimization, which will help you determine the best approach to run sponsored advertisements for your company. Also read .

See Outcomes More Quickly Than With SEO

The majority of frequently visited websites still rely heavily on search engine optimization. In addition to being well-written and including well-considered keywords, the posts, and pages on page one are also located on domains that have accumulated a sizable number of backlinks over time—backlinks are still the most important ranking factor for web pages.

Increase Recognition Of The Brand

Most people associate Google product Ads with generating traffic via pay-per-click advertisements displayed on search engine results pages. However, Google’s advertisements are not limited to that. They can also be an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness, which is something that top-performing marketers prioritize, according to research.


In conclusion, right now, you should be asking “Why not?” instead of “Why use Google product Ads?” The network offers options for companies of all sizes, with varying advertising goals and budgets. Various target audiences, the majority of whom have looked up a solution on Google at least once in their lives. Given that there are more than two trillion searches made annually, why not throw in a bucket to see what kind of money you could raise for your small business? 

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